McKinney-Vento Deeper Dive into Practice

Published: February 15, 2022

Targeted to school district McKinney-Vento (MKV) liaisons and support staff, this training is supplemental to the annual training for school districts offered by the Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) and dives deeper into identified parts of the MKV mandate that are most challenging to achieve. Presenters include: Samie Iverson, Senior Manager of Education Strategy, Building Changes; Mehret Tekle-Awarun, Senior Manager of Education Strategy, Building Changes; and Joey Heilman, Education Strategy Specialist, Building Changes. Guest Panelist: Kyle Moor, MSW, Wille Stewart Academy School Social Worker and McKinney-Vento Building Point of Contact, Tacoma Public Schools.

Through this training, attendees will:

  • Have the opportunity to revisit areas of the OSPI Annual McKinney-Vento training such as: serving unaccompanied youth, health and COVID-19 updates, to-and-from school transportation, and McKinney-Vento building point of contact
  • Leave with up-to-date information on policies, funding opportunities, and how the work with McKinney-Vento students has shifted amidst the ongoing pandemic
  • Have additional tools to serve unaccompanied youth
  • Hear what a day in the life of a building point of contact is like from their peers
  • Have the opportunity to network and strategize with colleagues across the state

This training was recorded on February 9, 2022 and is part of Building Changes’ Response to Student Homelessness Training Series created in partnership with OSPI.

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