Imagine having a place to learn, but no place to call home.

We lead statewide efforts to improve academic and housing outcomes for students experiencing homelessness.

What We Do

We use an interdisciplinary approach to advocate for change at the systems level. Working with a wide array of partners, including schools, school districts, housing providers, policymakers, advocates, and community members, we:

  • Analyze and share data and research on student homelessness in Washington state
  • Identify strategies and develop tools for addressing the unique needs of students experiencing homelessness
  • Influence policy and advocate for adequate and sustainable resources and capacity for the education and housing systems
  • Hold the education and housing  systems accountable to advance and adopt racially equitable and culturally responsive policies, practices, and community partnerships
  • Facilitate leadership buy-in and cross-systems collaboration

Why We Do It

Students and families impacted by housing crises are inadequately served by the education system. As a result, academic outcomes for students experiencing homelessness remain well below those of students who are housed. This is due to the education system being insufficiently resourced, its overall lack of capacity, and inconsistent buy-in among leadership. Another factor is inadequate knowledge on how best to meet the needs of students experiencing homelessness—especially those of color, who make up more than 60% of all students experiencing homelessness in our state.

Did You Know?

  • There are nearly 40,000 students experiencing homelessness in Washington State.
  • 64% of students experiencing homelessness in our state are students of color.
  • Students experiencing homelessness have academic outcomes well below those of students who are housed.

(Source: Students Experiencing Homelessness in Washington’s K-12 Public Schools: Trends, Characteristics and Academic Outcomes, 2015-2022)

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