Collectively, we can change systems for the better.

We drive and promote change in the systems that impact people experiencing homelessness.

Housing, education, and health systems significantly impact the lives of people experiencing homelessness, especially children, youth, and families. Due to historic and structural racism, Black, Indigenous, and people of color are more likely to experience housing crises, educational injustice, and health inequities. At the same time, Black, Indigenous, and people of color lack equitable access to these systems, and have unequal experiences when seeking support and services.

Homelessness is the result of more than the lack of housing, and it affects people in every aspect of their lives. Together with our partners, Building Changes pushes for equitable, holistic responses to promote change in and across the housing, education, and health systems so that all children, youth, and families experiencing homelessness get the support they need. Resolving a housing crisis and maintaining housing stability are not possible without this.

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