Washington Youth & Families Fund

The Washington Youth & Families Fund (WYFF) was created by the Washington State Legislature in 2004 and amended to include youth in 2014. Building Changes administers this fund of public and private dollars to make grants across the state focused on innovative housing interventions and strategies.

$59.6 M






Through our WYFF grantmaking, we:

  • Identify and test promising practices in partnership with providers and community
  • Collect data and evaluate interventions, models, and programs
  • Advance strategies informed by research and community
  • Support housing and service providers through peer learning, training, and capacity building

We designed our most recent round of WYFF grantmaking to support these innovative strategies:

  • Enhanced Rapid Re-Housing for Families: Complementing, strengthening, and adapting existing Rapid Re-Housing models to better serve highly vulnerable families by providing flexible funds and culturally enhanced services to support housing stability.
  • Critical Time Coaching (CTC) for Youth: Helping to ensure that youth and young adults exiting from public systems and facilities (e.g. juvenile detention, jail, prison, foster care, mental health facilities, and drug rehabilitation centers) exit into stable housing by providing flexible funds and intensive, tailored support before, during, and after transition.

In 2022, our WYFF grantmaking will support holistic, equity-focused interventions and services for families and youth and young adults. What we’re funding currently and how to apply.

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