Lend us your expertise by serving on our board of directors.

The Opportunity

Building Changes prospects for new board members on an ongoing basis. We seek members who will lend their insights and abilities to addressing student, youth, and family homelessness, adding to the collective strengths and effectiveness of our current board. 

In service to our mission to advance equitable responses to homelessness, prospects who are Black, Indigenous, and people of color, women, non-binary, and those from LGBTQA communities offer lived experience and insight of value to our work and are strongly encouraged to inquire about this opportunity. As a statewide organization, we specifically seek prospects outside of the Puget Sound region to round out our current representation.

Areas of Lived Experience and/or Expertise

We seek candidates with diverse lived and/or professional experience, skill sets, and networks in the following areas: 

  • Housing and homeless response
  • Youth services and child welfare
  • Racial equity and targeted universalism
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Financial management & planning
  • Policy and advocacy
  • Research and evaluation
  • Fundraising
  • Communications and marketing
  • Organizational development
  • Program planning and scaling

Building Changes is recruiting dynamic, knowledgeable board members who are passionate about addressing homelessness at its roots. New board members support and hold themselves accountable to upholding the organizational values of centering people, working in partnership, addressing inequity, and acting with integrity. Board members act as trustees on behalf of Building Changes, have overall responsibility for ensuring the organization’s mission is fulfilled, and that ensuring legal and financial obligations are met.

Major Responsibilities

  • High-Level Leadership and Strategic Oversight: Oversee implementation of the current strategic plan and development of future plans; monitor organizational outcomes; and seek opportunities in support of the goals and strategies implemented by staff.
  • Fiscal Oversight: Ensure financial solvency and success of the organization; approve annual operating budget; review financial statements; oversee annual financial audit; assure appropriate risk management.
  • Fundraising and Development: Contribute annually to Building Changes’ board member fundraising campaign; boost income by stewarding Building Changes’ development strategies and securing gifts of support; build and bridge relationships with donors, grantors, and investors.
  • Advocacy and Ambassadorship: Promote and enhance Building Changes’ public image; champion and support organizational mission, strategic goals, legislative priorities, and fundraising objectives.
  • Governance: Monitor, modify, and ensure adherence to organizational bylaws; ensure good governance of the organization.
  • Executive Management: Hire, review, and support the executive director.

Each board member is elected to a three-year term and should expect to attend quarterly board meetings as well as an annual strategic planning and direction retreat. Board members are encouraged to serve on a board subcommittee and/or ad-hoc workgroup, in line with their skills and experiences. 

For more details, see the full board member position description.

If you have questions or are interested in serving on our board, please email mandy park, Head of Operations.

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