Centralized Diversion Fund: A Necessary Tool for Addressing Homelessness in King County

Published: December 8, 2020

The Centralized Diversion Fund (CDF) is a common-sense, cost-effective solution to homelessness currently transforming hundreds of lives and strengthening communities in King County. It is the mechanism for supporting the strategy of Diversion, a core response to the county’s state of emergency on homelessness. Building Changes produced two communications resources that illustrate how the CDF operates, what makes it work so well for people, and why it deserves sustainable funding support. The CDF provides families and individuals experiencing homelessness fast and simple access to funds so they can secure a safe and stable place to live. By increasing housing options for people in historically underserved communities, the CDF is addressing racial disparities in homeless services and housing outcomes, thereby mitigating some of the effects of systemic racism in King County. Africatown International, a local nonprofit with deep connections to communities of color, administers the CDF.

BRIEF: A Centralized Approach: Using a Scaled Model of Diversion to Address Homelessness in King County

INFOGRAPHIC: Centralized Diversion Fund: An Important, Necessary Tool for Addressing Homelessness in King County

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