Students Experiencing Homelessness in Washington’s K-12 Public Schools: 2016-17 Trends, Characteristics and Academic Outcomes

Published: September 27, 2018

Students experiencing homelessness have academic outcomes well below those of students who are housedThis comprehensive analysis of student homelessness data, released under Building Changes’ Schoolhouse Washington project, offers further evidence of the inextricable tie between housing stability and educational success. The report demonstrates that students experiencing homelessness have academic outcomes substantially below those of housed students—even below low-income students who are housed. It concludes that students living doubled-up have similarly poor academic outcomes as those living in hotels/motels, in shelters and unsheltered. We also detail that six of every 10 students experiencing homelessness in Washington are students of color. Using raw data from the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, this report analyzes trends and characteristics of student homelessness; compares academic outcomes among students who are homeless, housed and low-income; and disaggregates outcomes by race/ethnicity and nighttime residence.

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