Serving Specific Student and Family Populations

Published: June 28, 2022

Targeted to school building and district staff and community-based organizations, this training is designed to help participants gain an understanding of student support programs and services, such as Headstart/ECEAP, ELL, SPED, 504, and CTE. Learn how these programs can holistically support students experiencing homelessness in tandem with the McKinney-Vento program and other community supports. Utilizing a targeted universalism model, speakers and presenters cover real life scenarios on how we can better serve students and their families who may identify as BIPOC, LGBTQIA, immigrant and refugee, and those living with disabilities.

Guest speakers: Dr. Debra Ren-Etta Sullivan, author of Cultivating the Black Genius of Children; Angel Graves, Re-entry/Intervention Specialist, Franklin High School, Seattle Public Schools; Raluca Herman, Program Coordinator, Education Access and Family Engagement, International Rescue Committee; Anna McGree, LGBTQ+ & ACI Coordinator/Youth Services Team Lead, Yakima Neighborhood Health Services; and Jason LaFontaine, Native American Education Program, Puget Sound Educational Service District. Presenters: Mehret Tekle-Awarun, Director of Practice Innovation, Building Changes; Joey Heilman, Education Strategy Specialist, Building Changes; and Samie Iverson, Senior Manager of Education Strategy, Building Changes.

This training was recorded on May 11, 2022 and is part of Building Changes’ Response to Student Homelessness Training Series created in partnership with the Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI).

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