How Schools Can Help Students Beat the Odds

Published: February 26, 2020

School and district staff members play a significant role in improving students’ outcomes, especially for students experiencing homelessness. Although staff in all types of schools implement their own practices and strategies, there is limited research that shows the connection between effective practices and improved outcomes.

To help fill this information gap, Schoolhouse Washington, a project of Building Changes, interviewed staff members from 23 schools and 31 districts in the state of Washington, and analyzed our data to identify practices that schools with better outcomes use to support students experiencing homelessness. Here are some practices associated with better outcomes:

Practices and Strategies Used More Often in Higher-than-Predicted Schools and Districts

Read our full report, Beating the Odds: How Can Schools and Districts Support Students Experiencing Homelessness?, to learn how higher-than-predicted schools and districts are helping to support students experiencing homelessness beat the odds and do well in schools.

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