Offers families a combination of housing search services, creative problem solving, mediation and, if needed, flexible financial assistance—helping them resolve their own housing crisis.

Mother and sonDiversion is a cost-effective, “first response” strategy that engages families early in their housing crisis so they can move quickly to stable housing.

Through Diversion services, parents receive help in identifying realistic and immediate housing options for their families. Housing alternatives may include moving into their own apartment, or with family or friends. Diversion resolves basic barriers that can prevent a family from securing stable housing quickly, such as conflicts with a landlord or relative, or an inability to pay a security deposit.

By shortening the amount of time that families are homeless or helping them avoid homelessness altogether, Diversion frees up the critical and costly resource of emergency shelter beds for families with no other housing options.

Diversion not only helps people avoid the traumas associated with being homeless, it gives them hope. 

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