Liza Burell

  • | Program Director | (206) 805-6143
  • Liza Burell, MSW, oversees all of Building Changes' program areas, including Schoolhouse Washington, the Washington Youth and Families Fund grant portfolio, and the Family Homelessness Initiative.

Terra Chen

  • | Strategic Communications Lead | (206) 805-6121
  • Terra Chen oversees strategic communications at Building Changes and Schoolhouse Washington, a project of Building Changes.

Dimitri Groce

  • | Senior Manager, Grantmaking & Capacity Building | (206) 805-6135
  • Dimitri Groce, MSW, leads grantmaking and capacity building initiatives, with a focus on youth and young adults and creating equitable homeless response systems.

Samie Iverson

  • | Senior Manager, Education Strategy | (206) 620-0879
  • Samie Iverson, MSW, helps lead Building Changes' work in education and student homelessness, with a focus on our Schoolhouse Washington project.

Katara Jordan

  • | Senior Manager, Policy & Advocacy | (206) 805-6112
  • Katara Jordan, JD, MSW, leads the agency's policy and advocacy work, as well as initiatives focused on student homelessness.

Matthew Lemon

  • | Director of Research & Evaluation | (206) 805-6141
  • Matthew Lemon, MPA, oversees Research & Evaluation, including evaluation of grant projects and analysis of administrative datasets. He also leads the development and implementation of Building Changes' research on student homelessness.

Mary Beth Lochnicht

  • | Grant Writer
  • Mary Beth Lochnicht supports fundraising functions with a focus on grant writing and proposal development.

Emily Mirra

  • | Senior Manager, Grantmaking & Capacity Building | (206) 805-6122
  • Emily Mirra leads capacity building, grantmaking, and data-driven decision-making initiatives, with a particular focus on Pierce County.
  • | Chief Financial Officer | (206) 805-6115
  • Armilito J Pangilinan, CPA, oversees Finance, Human Resources, and Operations.
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Mandy Park

  • | Executive Assistant | (206) 805-6128
  • Mandy Park, MA, provides administrative and programmatic support to the Executive Director, Leadership Team, and Board of Directors.

Paul Paulson

  • | Operations & Technology Coordinator | (206) 805-6151
  • Paul Paulson provides general office support and coordinates operations and technology projects.

Bree Quatacker

  • | Grants Manager | (206) 805-6144
  • Bree Quatacker manages administrative components of grantmaking, including contractual, financial, reporting, monitoring, and database management.

Joyce Saldanha

  • | Accounting Manager | (206) 805-6120
  • Joyce Saldanha manages essential accounting functions and supports account analysis, research, and process improvement.

Mehret Tekle-Awarun

  • | Senior Manager, Education Strategy | (206) 805-6155
  • Mehret Tekle-Awarun helps lead Building Changes' work in education and student homelessness, with a focus on our Schoolhouse Washington project.

Megan Veith

  • | Senior Manager, Policy, Advocacy, & Research | (206) 805-6163
  • Megan Veith, JD, leads the agency's policy, advocacy, and research work, as well as projects focused on health.

Manami Wakuta

  • | Accounting Coordinator | (206) 805-6145
  • Manami Wakuta maintains and supports internal controls associated with cash receipts, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and other accounting processes.

Tasha West-Baker

  • | Human Resources and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Manager
  • Tasha West-Baker leads and guides Building Changes' employee relations and race equity initiatives.

Kalyn Y.

  • | Senior Research Associate
  • Kalyn Y., MPH, leads research, evaluation, and data analysis projects, with a focus on the Washington Youth & Families Fund.

Edith Yang

  • | Senior Manager, Communications | (206) 805-9101
  • Edith Yang serves as the primary writer and project manager for Building Changes’ communications materials.

Daniel Zavala

  • | Interim Executive Director | (206) 805-6119
  • Daniel Zavala, JD, MA, oversees all aspects of Building Changes' operations and leads the organization's efforts to advance equitable responses to homelessness. Prior to assuming the role of interim executive director, Daniel served as director of policy and strategic communications. Learn more.