Washington Youth & Families Fund (WYFF): 2023 Policy Brief

Published: January 31, 2023

In the 2023 state legislative session, Building Changes is advocating for an additional $6 million investment in the Washington Youth & Families Fund (WYFF). Building Changes administers this unique fund of public and private dollars, awarding grants to nonprofit organizations and tribes that have built trust within their communities and can nimbly and effectively assist youth and families with innovative, culturally appropriate services. WYFF prioritizes marginalized groups that are continuously overrepresented in homeless populations, and uses flexible, data-driven strategies tailored to meet people’s individual needs to equitably address homelessness. With additional funding, WYFF can serve more youth and families and improve services statewide.

This two-page policy brief provides an overview of WYFF and why increased investment in the fund is needed.

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