Policy & Advocacy

We support policies that will help children, youth, and families leave homelessness behind.

Building Changes tests new approaches and advocates for more effective use of public funds to address youth and family homelessness in Washington state.  

Our 2018 Washington State Policy Priorities:

  • Create affordable homes by investing at least $106 M in the Housing Trust Fund.
  • Ban discrimination based on a renter’s source of income (HB 1633 or SB 5407).
  • Secure and increase funding for programs that prevent and end homelessness (HB 1570).
  • Build a continuum of homelessness prevention and support through the Department of Children, Youth, and Families.
  • Improve data collection on youth homelessness (HB 1630).
  • Support efforts to strengthen how systems respond to youth and families experiencing homelessness.

Download an overview of our 2018 Policy Priorities