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Published: July 12, 2022

At Building Changes, we take pride in our diverse staff and the various lived experience, skills, and expertise they bring to our organization and the work we do. Earlier this year we welcomed three new staff members to our growing team. They share our collective passion to create systemic change for children, youth, and families experiencing homelessness.

Photo of Passia AbrahamPassia Latia Abraham (any pronouns), Senior Health Strategist
Passia is a compassionate community organizer with proven experience furthering health and social justice strategies for nonprofits and the Washington State Department of Health. They are Building Changes’ first senior health strategist and work closely with our Practice Innovation and Policy & Advocacy teams to expand our burgeoning health work. They wanted to work for Building Changes because of our equity and human-centered approach, as well as the opportunity to work directly with communities. “I wanted to work for an organization that put people first, especially those who have been marginalized in our systems, and invests in innovative, community-driven programmatic and policy changes to support students and families experiencing homelessness,” they said.

Photo of Betsy NaymonBetsy Naymon (she/her/hers), Research Associate
Betsy is a versatile data-oriented researcher who has worked in the arts, academia, and a global social enterprise company. She combines her enthusiasm for social justice and her expertise in data to synthesize our collective programmatic work. Betsy is excited to work for Building Changes because we find solutions to complex issues by using hard data and human-centered, interdisciplinary methods. “I wanted to work for an organization that is having tough conversations about what change is, what impact looks like, and how we can make those changes equitable in a system built on maintaining inequity,” she said.

Photo of Kat DeiterKatharina Deiter (she/her/hers), Development Associate
Kat is a grant writer and communications specialist with experience working in philanthropy and the nonprofit world. She supports our development team by assisting in donor cultivation and communications, as well as overseeing our donor database. She joined Building Changes because she believes our holistic approach to homelessness is the only viable option for impact and change. “As an Indigenous person with family on the streets, it is so important to me to be a part of my people’s healing. I am grateful to the passionate team that makes this possible,” she said.

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