Families & Youth

Building Changes devotes our work to improving the lives of the tens of thousands of families and youth experiencing homelessness or struggling to remain housed in Washington state.

Family Homelessness

Our deepest experience is in the area of family homelessness. We work throughout the state with partners determined to advance strategies that help families move from homelessness to stable housing.

With the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and key leaders in three counties—King, Pierce and Snohomish—we are leading a 10-year intensive effort to impact family homelessness. The Family Homelessness Initiative is built on the theory that homelessness can be reduced significantly through building the capacity of government, philanthropy and nonprofits to develop a high-performing, data-driven homeless response system. 

Building Changes promotes the realignment of systems and resources around strategies that prove to impact family homelessness the most. We also work with the three counties to strengthen their data processing and analysis so that we can better understand the needs of families experiencing homelessness and the impacts our strategies are having on them.

Youth Homelessness

In 2014, we expanded our scope to include youth and young adults experiencing homelessness. Since then, we have supported efforts to help young people experiencing homelessness get jobs, continue their schooling and, ultimately, maintain stable housing

In 2016, we put a special focus on student homelessness. We are leading Schoolhouse Washington, a project to improve the housing stability and educational outcomes of students experiencing homelessness.