We pull together government, philanthropy and nonprofits in a collective effort to impact family and youth homelessness in Washington state.

About Building Changes

Catalyst for Solutions

Building Changes unleashes the power and unlocks the potential of our partners to advance emerging strategies for impacting homelessness. We support the following models: Diversion, Employment, Rapid Re-Housing, Coordinated Entry and Supportive Housing.

Champion for Change

We connect the homeless system to the employment, education, housing and health systems so they can deliver coordinated and accessible services for people experiencing homelessness. We advocate for a model homeless response system that treats all people fairly and delivers all services effectively.

Driver for Impact

We inspire innovation within the various systems that serve families and youth experiencing homelessness. We invest to sustain the strategies and services demonstrating the highest levels of success.

Architect for Results

We share knowledge gained through experience, data and evaluation to improve the effectiveness of our field. We build the capacity of our partners to develop strong leaders focused on results.