Thursday, April 30 2015

GiveBIG on May 5th to Help Families Thrive

GiveBIG on May 5th

GiveBIG is Tuesday, May 5th. Donations made to Building Changes through The Seattle Foundation's website will be stretched thanks to The Seattle Foundation and GiveBIG sponsors. Please give on May 5th before midnight!

What’s the one thing homeless parents believe would help their family get back on its feet? A job.*

Angela's story: From surviving to thriving
Angela and her two kids were living in temporary housing for domestic violence survivors. She was grateful for the safe home but wanted to earn a better wage to support herself and her children. When she heard about a training program targeted for parents experiencing homelessness, Angela seized the opportunity to retrain for a new ‘in demand’ career in manufacturing. She excelled, earning high marks from the instructor. Upon graduation, Angela was hired by a major aerospace company, where she is still employed today—and she and her daughters are thriving. (Note: Name and details have been altered to protect client privacy.)

Please GiveBIG on May 5th to help families get back on their feet.

Building Changes brings together unlikely partners like domestic violence programs and workforce development. We help them see they’re serving the same families—and create new models that help parents find housing and work. With steady income and a roof overhead, families are quickly back on track.

Building Changes believes everyone deserves the opportunity for a home, a healthy life and a good job. Your investment pioneers new approaches to bring workforce and housing together—leading homeless parents and young adults to education, training and work.

Many thanks to The Seattle Foundation for encouraging the power of individual giving! GiveBIG helps Building Changes and many of our favorite nonprofits work toward our shared vision of making family homelessness rare and brief.

With you standing beside us, we can get there. Thank you!

(*Responses from families interviewed by Westat for the Washington Youth & Families Fund Systems Initiative Evaluation.)