Tuesday, April 28 2015

Grantees Selected for Immigrant and Refugees Families Project

We are pleased to announce that the following grantees have been selected for the Prevention Navigator for Immigrant and Refugee Families project, funded through a $400,000 Washington Youth & Families Fund Systems Innovation grant:

Collectively, the three grantees will provide prevention services to immigrant and refugee families originating from East Africa, Iraq, Syria, and neighboring countries who now reside in South King County and are at risk of homelessness. With support from Building Changes, the grantees will also lead a “Partners Workgroup,” which will identify best practices and recommend changes at a system level to create a clearer pathway to housing stability for families. We expect that between 100 and 110 families will benefit from the project over two years.

Washington ranks in the top 10 among states accepting refugees, and as a Seattle Times editorial recently underscored, refugees face a myriad of challenges during resettlement. Statewide and local data show that communities of color and non-English speaking residents are disproportionately affected by homelessness and housing insecurity. The Prevention Navigator for Immigrant and Refugee Families project seeks to address both the needs of the population and these underlying racial and ethnic disparities. Building Changes worked in partnership with the Committee to End Homelessness (CEH) to implement this project, with valuable input from the City of Seattle and United Way of King County.

Learn more about the Prevention Navigator grant here