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Although we don’t follow a regular funding cycle, we periodically make targeted grants across the state to test and learn from promising practices. Here is what we are funding currently:

New Statewide Funding Opportunity through Washington Youth & Families Fund

Proposals due to Building Changes on Wednesday, January 23, 2019

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Go to Resource: Diversion Overview & Pierce County Case Study

Approximately $392,000 is available to housing and social service agencies in Washington State outside of King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties to support Diversion. Building Changes will award a grant to two or three agencies to bring Diversion for families to the “front door” of the homeless system: Coordinated Entry. Funding from Building Changes will be provided for up to two years per award. Awards will be announced in April 2019.

Agencies and organizations eligible for funding include nonprofits, local tribes, housing authorities, and/or community-based organizations. Geographic service area must be outside of King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties. Eligible agencies must: 1) not be currently utilizing Diversion as a strategy; and 2) participate in Coordinated Entry.

Diversion is an approach that helps families experiencing homelessness generate creative ideas and identify realistic options for becoming housed quickly and safely. Building Changes is investing further in Diversion to better understand how it can be adapted to serve the unique characteristics of different communities, including: relative population density, family composition, racial/ethnic demographics, etc.

This project will include a substantial research component that will compare housing outcomes of families that receive Diversion services to similarly situated families who do not. This research will build our knowledge base to inform future grantmaking, systems change, and advocacy efforts.

Potential applicants are welcome and encouraged to ask questions about WYFF and this application process. Contact Jessamyn at .

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